My Lipo Post Care Journey with JannHeal

I just thought I would like to share some of my thoughts about liposuction here online, having done lipo surgeries both in Medan, and locally. I never knew that I actually had to set aside a sum of money dedicated to post care massage after the lipo surgery as well. When I discover hard lumps and compression garments isn’t just my thing at all…I just wished I had done more research. The following is an account of my post lipo care journey. Shall blog about the procedure intently when I have the time 🙂


I am a 37 year old Singaporean who just had Lipo on my arms in July and circumferential tummy and flanks in September. After my arm Lipo procedure, I was deeply traumatised as hard tissues and lumps started to form though I can still see that my arm has the sculptured look. I tried to google for help on the internet and realised it is a natural thing for lumps to form and where I was staying, the girls here would go to this lipocare shop ‘JannHeal’ for post Lipo massage to ease the stiffness and lumps.

After reading about the many good reviews of this lady name Jan, I proceed to make an appointment with her for my post Lipo care massage. Note that at this point of time I was two weeks past my Lipo surgery and hard lumps and indentations were prominent.

My first visit to Jan’s Lipo Care session was a pleasant and educative one. As I was doubtful and slightly depressed about the lumps in my arms, she assured me that this is only temporary and she would be able to remove those lumps and indentations with her lipocare technique – note that it is not a deep tissue massage, her massage is a technique which enable de-swelling at the initial phase after liposuction operation. The second stage, is about fixing the lumps and you don’t feel any pain at all. Therefore, you can expect final good results without indentation, or uneven-ness, which is totally worth for the value for the service I pay.

Jan always go all the way out to help, and make sure her customers reaches final result. Delivering her customers’ satisfaction is her motto and her dedication to Lipocare massage with over 2 decades of experience in the healthcare industry is prominent. On the other hand, when I tried to replicate her motions at home, I am not able to do it and I felt pain massaging myself and hence, I figured I may as well let the expert do their job.

Jan gives me the confidence to go for my tummy liposuction after seeing good results from my arms under her care. My lumps soften and they really dissolved under her healing touch and I could lift up my arms after the first session. Do note that frequency for lipocare during the initial part is mandatory for better healing as scar tissues form very fast.

Hence, I went back to Jan within 7 days after my tummy Lipo surgery to let her ‘drain’ my edema/scar tissues away. I will always pee after her massage as Jan explains that this is the way our body expel trapped water from these lumps. Lipo Care massage enhances liposuction final results and I am just so Glad to have found Jan who is so ever assuring and motherly. Please note that this is not a sponsored review, and I would like to help by sharing this to you guys who require help with post lipo care.  You really don’t need to wear those compression garments for long periods once you see Jan.

Her website is:

You may reach her at : 9683 2379

Her shop is located at:

545 Orchard Road


Far East Shopping Centre, 238882





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